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Reasons to Outsource

Whether you are planning to expand your business into a new marketplace or hoping to save money for daily tasks, or if you're experiencing difficulties in finding the right candidate for the tasks outstanding; Virtual Assists is here to support you in your endeavors and cover these difficult obstacles for you. The way the world works has evolved, and along with it has the working environment. Today's work-space does not necessitate having an employee by your side under your watchful eye, wasting both your time and money, especially when you will eventually communicate via social media, Whatsapp or email, the main means of communication today as it is.

Virtual Assists, saves you time, money and also your energy so you can spend if elsewhere.

Many entrepreneurs use and prefer outsourced assistantship for many reasons.


  1. Reduce and control costs. Outsourcing allows you to lower expenditures on fixed costs and control variable costs that can result in significant savings.
  2. Improve and maintain business focus. Most outsourced tasks are time-consuming. By turning over these, you can fully attend to your core business processes.
  3. Top world-class talent. Offshore companies offer a global knowledge base that delivers the same level of output, but with great quality.
  4. Share risks. Your partner company helps mitigating risk factors for your company by dividing and delegating operations.
  5. Free up internal resources. These resources can be allocated to other functions, or better yet, to your reserves.
  6. Gain access to resources. This is incredibly helpful especially when your company is experiencing internal resource crunches.
  7. Streamline time-consuming tasks. With efficient delegation, you can increase accuracy by streamlining time-drive and time-sensitive tasks.
  8. Maximize external resources. Outsourcing provides you with flexibility and control, especially when it comes to unforeseen scenarios that may affect your position in the market.
  9. Access to new market areas. You will be able to gain access new markets and establish local presence ahead of your competitors.
  10. Realize the benefits of re-engineering. Outsourcing can help your business achieve dramatic enhancements in your core and critical operations by redesigning your business process.


To Illustrate the benefits of Virtual Assists Vs an employee check the scenario below:

1-Recruiting Process: The most time consuming and tedious part is to wait for the right candidate to step forward and after the interview procedures and checking all other candidates hoping to recruit the best.

2-Office Space: Making an office space for the new employee requires an empty sit and perhaps office extension which makes your business expenditure to rise dramatically.

3-Increase in Taxes & Bills: Hiring a new employee requires you to pay higher local taxes and increases your electricity, water bills aside from requiring your business to offer health insurance and working visa

4- High Monthly Payout: Having an employee in your office demands for higher payout as it should cover the employee’s expenses based on the local prices to fulfill the daily needs

5- Sick Days & Holidays: An employee is a not a robot thus they do get sick and while they will be away the tasks will be put on hold until they return. Also, holidays are in every calendar and while the works may be very important to be finalized in the couple of days, getting close to the holiday breaks are inevitable

6-Limited Skills: Employees are not superheroes and each of them have limited skills. As an example, in order to fulfill both the needs of motion graphics and creative design works of your company, two individuals should be hired which will double up your business expenses.

On the other hand, Virtual Assists, saves you time, money and also your energy so you can spend if elsewhere and focus on your business well being's.


By Virtual Assists, not only you save money but also you get your hands on very skillful individuals carefully selected by our HR and give you access to unlimited pool of skills which can help your business to grow in a much faster pace. Also, as you will not go through the recruiting process, thus you will not need to be worry about the sick days and office space and other matters as they will be covered by Virtual Assists.


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