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Virtual Assistant or Freelancer? Which is Right for You?

Often people confuse Freelancing and Virtual Assistants. Not only will we tell you the difference, but we will also give you the pro’s and con’s, so you can make an informed decision on what is right for you and your company. Virtual Assistant companies like Virtual Assists hire employee’s that are to be assigned to different clients. The clients will initially talk to the company executive about their support needs, and the company executive then assigns their most appropriate employee for the supportive role. Freelancers are different in the sense that they are self-employed meaning they work alone, with no company involvement. Here at virtual assists we save you time, energy and money, so you can spend it elsewhere.

So why choose a virtual assistant and not a freelancer?

  • With a Virtual Assistant company like Virtual Assists, you get immediate access to a wide variety of skills. This is beneficial in the sense that having a whole talent pool under one roof, you are not restricted to one single person, so you can use virtual assistant services for a range of tasks.

  • Gone is the difficult recruitment process! Is this person right for the job? Do they have enough experience? Do they have the skills for the role? Do I know enough about this role to hire the right person? The Virtual Assistant company has already hired the best people for the role, so you don’t need to worry!

  • Hiring a number of freelancers to do a number of jobs means numerous contracts and payments to manage. With virtual assistant companies, no matter how many virtual assistants are assigned to cover your needs, you will be making one payment to one company with one contract. Simple.

  • With a freelancer doing your work, payments are made at the end of each task, however with a virtual assistant company, you have options of making monthly payments or end of project payments depending on your needs.

  • With a virtual assistant company, project managers oversee all of your tasks, ensuring they are completed on time, efficiently and to optimum standard. A second and third pair of eyes is always useful, leaving the client to receive their completed project and concentrate on something else.

  • With a virtual assistant, should the virtual assistant fall sick, then the VA company will immediately assign another VA temporarily until the clients VA reaches their health again. Should a freelancer fall sick, then unfortunately the work does not get done.

  • VA service providers often have people on the job around the clock. Since they have big teams that handle numerous projects, they have to ensure they cover all pending work as fast as possible. This means they’re more likely to react quickly when you have a task for them. This is not the case for freelancers as they are more likely to have specific days and hours during which they can work on your tasks. They are usually serving a number of clients in the same time and need to juggle their priorities.

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