1Get in Touch with us.
2We will review your application.
3Earn Up to 40% in commission.

For more information feel free to ask us or review the guides on how our partnership works.


Partners will be given a deck to check and track the customers they refer to us, so everything will be crystal clear.


Virtual Assists looks at partnerships as being ‘better together’, hence why we have successfully maintained a number of partnerships to date.

We believe that getting the right partnership in place to deliver a project or a service is a great asset to any organisation as we can share skills, resources, best practice and find many cost benefits.

By working with us you can tap into over 25 years' experience in delivering outsourced services, promotional excellence and Virtual Assistant support.

Virtual Assists welcomes the right partnerships and so if you believe your company is a right match for a partnership role, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss further.

To enquire on how to partner with Virtual Assists, please confirm your interest in writing to email address info@virtual-assists.com, stating your company name, web address and contact details, and one of our executives will be in contact with you.

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