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Partners will be given a deck to check and track the customers they refer to us, so everything will be crystal clear.

Have questions?

At Virtual Assists we would like to offer crystal clear services. Saving time and increasing efficiency and also effectiveness of our services. Below are list of frequently asked questions by our clients. If you were not able to find the answer you were searching for, we are always accessible via live chat or via email at info@virtual-assists.com Here at virtual assists we save you time, energy and money, so you can spend it elsewhere.

How does it work?

Beginning with an initial no-obligation meeting (Skype, email, whatsapp), we discuss your project and your needs moving forward. At the end of this meeting we should have clarified the necessary work and the costing for such work and come to an agreement.
Following this initial stage, we can sign a contract based on everything agreed and move forward, letting the hard work begin.
Once work has begun we will stay in frequent contact with you, giving you updates along the way, based on your feedback, together we can move forward.
Grand Finale!! When all the work is done we will present it to you and provide you any additional tools and information for you to hit the ground running.

No problem, just let us know what needs changing and any extras you might want, and depending on the scale of the additional work or changes, we may or may not provide you with an additional quote, amend the contracts and move forward.

We will ask for additional payment only if the changes are completely out of our previous agreement or requires us to make a significant alterations to the already built end solutions.

At VA we only want happy customers and we will happily discuss what the problems are with the final work and come to some resolution. It is important to note that communication is key and discussing all your visions, hopes and needs on the outset is essential. At VA we explain every stage and all the options from the beginning. With good communication at VA we are sure you will be happy with the end result.

At VA we provide full confidentiality to our clients and will never share your ideas, designs or personal information. You may read about your data security with us to assure you will be the sole owner of your ideas and information.

Yes, you can cancel any task or services before any arrangements have been made at no cost. Just inform us via email and our executives will assist you with the cancellation.

Absolutely. You can ask to form a team of Virtual Assistants to further speed up the process of finalizing your projects and to work together where necessary.

Yes, VA can offer you a monthly or a yearly plan based on your need, helping you save a lot of time and money. All you have to do is consult with us and we will be happy to help.

At Virtual Assists, we select and train the best candidates available in the market to provide the best quality in a range of services possible. If your VA falls sick, there is no need to be concerned, as the Virtual Assists executives will immediately appoint another VA temporarily to oversee your tasks, until you VA has made a full recovery and is able to return to assist you efficiently.

Unfortunately, VA does not cover cold calling services. VA refrains from providing such services as we can’t assure sales, and would not like to be in the position of putting your company at risk.

As each task varies in detail and complexity, turnaround times will ultimately differ. Once the brief and outline of the project is clear to VA, we will be in the position to provide an estimate of turnaround time for your information, so you know when to expect completion.

Sure. Send us a request via email to info@virtual-assists.com, and we will happily assist you.

Virtual Assists offers 24/7 services, so you can rest assured that VA assistants are always at hand to help you with your tasks, whether they are big are small.

Virtual Assists only recruit assistants that are the most skilled in their fields and highly educated, that are subject to strict VA quality control policies. All the tasks completed by any assistant will be double checked initially by another assistant and then a final check will take place by a supervisor, before it is handed over to the client.

You may communicate with your assistant via email (preferred method) or via live chat.

Yes, we do have a referral program. You may contact us directly at info@virtual-assists.com, or check our partnership page.

You can check the progress along with any comments or feedback on our CRM Portal.

We are located in Turkey in +3 GMT. Our location has proven beneficial in terms of time management when considering clients we assist are all around the world, but particularly in Europe, Canada, USA, UK, Hong Kong, China and Australia. Being central to all of these locations around the world has allowed us to provide our services in a timely manner.

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