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At Virtual Assists we understand that one of the primary concerns when deciding outsource is the reality of sharing highly valuable information with other companies or individuals, and how these concerns grow when this transfer of information is realised over the internet.

Virtual Assists have taken all the necessary measures to ensure that all your concerns become a thing of the past, enabling you to fully trust where your information is going, confident that your data and thus your assets are protected with Virtual Assist, as much as they were with your company on its own.

The following are Data Confidentiality measures Virtual Assists has taken for your peace of mind:

Safeguarding of your data

Virtual Assists has an active commitment to safeguarding your data and intellectual property. We do so by;

  • Ensuring all Virtual Assists employee signs a stringent Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) as a condition of their employment with Virtual Assists.

  • VA does not store any files on their PC’s/Laptops and has an elaborate system in place to delete any files left on the PC/Laptop should they be present for 24 hours. Upon completion of each project all original files are sent to the client and all related data are immediately deleted from the VA systems. At this stage the liability for any data is removed from VA.

Working with you to Safeguard your Data Assets

Virtual Assists is happy to listen to and take on board any additional safeguarding requests you may make, and will implement those measures where possible should they not obstruct the development of the task undertaken.

Our clients may request that Virtual Assists employees block certain websites from their PC/Laptop and be assured that our IT staff will immediately implement the necessary blocks/firewalls.

Ownership of the works completed

The ownership of all works undertaken is that of the Clients. This includes, but is not limited to all the products, source codes, ideas, inventions and content.

Usage of Virtual Desktops (VDI)

Virtual Desktops can be in use at Virtual Assists upon request of the client.

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